A downloadable game for Windows

  1. You control a pack of pink blobs by holding the right mouse button.
  2. If other blobs are close enough to pink blobs, they have a chance of turning pink.
  3. Each pink blob lives for 5 seconds.
  4. Your goal is to turn most blobs pink before your pack goes extinct.
  5. If you turn pink more than 80% of the blobs, you will unlock a secret mechanic.

Hint on how to  get higher scores.

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GenreSimulation, Action
Tags2D, Abstract, Experimental, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Unity


Microcosmos.rar 14 MB


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Neat idea! I enjoyed trying to figure out the best way to survive, and the vacuum mechanic feels good.

With a game like this, you wanna really focus on the juice and effects. It seems like you're going for something like antibodies, curing infections, but it feels like controlling balls in a ball pit. Moving the balls around is a lot more wacky and random than I feel it should be, but that might just be a personal opinion. If you were to take this further, I'd spent time on particle effects, atmosphere, and other elements that puts the player "in the zone". 

Good stuff!

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Thank you for the feedback. 

When I initially coded the vacuum I didn't know where to put it without adding unnecessary comlication to the game, so I left it only as this 'secret' mechanic. Concerning movement, I didn't want the player to have tight control over the pack, but your suggestion makes me want to experiment more. 

Currently I am working on the game feel you wrote about (gif). Though, I never even considered particle effects, since the screenspace is already teeming particles.